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In a century of speed and noise, where everybody is in a rush, a world where travel destinations are less safe than they used to be, there is a palce that you probably never heard about The Land of Maramures. Located in the heartland of Europe, Maramures is a travel back in time, in a real rural life where century old traditions are very well preserved and are still part of daily life, a land of wooden churched and amazing landscapes.

Going back to the simple life and finding the essence of our being is very important. Leaving the unhealthy life we live these days surrounded by technology all the time, forgetting how to really interact with people, eating always in a rush and not really taking the time to breathe correctly, we reach to a point where were we loose the connection with life itself and we become some kind of weird machines that operate on a daily routine basis. We have to put an end to this, now!

A great start would be to just take some time off, and reevaluate what really is important for us, try to reconnect with nature. A perfect place for this journey would be a vizit to the enchnted Land of Maramures.

We want to give you a totally different approach to travel, we want you to slow things down a bit, discover a travel destination that is less crowded and less polluted. Maramures is truly a different place! Here you will find peace and time to meditate and reconnect to nature.

We don’t want Maramures to be checked off your bucket list as a destination must visit. We want Maramures to be a journey, a journey of discovering not only a beautiful place but a journey to find your true self.

You must ask yourself, why to come so far as Maramures?

Our answer would be because here you will find something different. For some, it can be the fresh air you breathe, or hiking in the impressive national parks we have, or to say a prayer in a wooden church older than 600 years, or eating a polenta directly to the sheepfold. For some the quiet mornings at the country side where the only thing you hear in the morning are the roosters singing, and the church bells. Some believe the true value of Maramures is its people, the locals at the country side, who are so simple. Taking a walk in the villages you will find them living their everyday life, like feeding the poultry or hay stacking or working the fields, nicely dressed in traditional costumes, going to church every Sunday.

Come and discover the amazing Lands of Maramures, of a green color that you can see only here, the enigmatic mountains hiding legends of the past ,come and discover the simplicity of country life and its traditions, the villages with wooden gates and wooden churches! Come and sit in the shade of a cherry tree that just blossomed, come and smell the hay in the summer, or taste the freshly baked bread, savor traditional food that is still unprocessed and organic and feel the energy of this sacred place!


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